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  • Bounce Rate and CPC Advertising
    Bounce rate is an interesting metric because the story it tells depends entirely on the context. Usually people panic when they see a significant increase in bounces from their site. Sometimes that panic is warranted. If, however, their site has recently had an increase in traffic from CPC ads, there is probably a good reason for […]
    Jake Ratliff
  • The End of Doorway Pages
    Google recently updated their post on doorway pages and released a blog post detailing those changes as well. There are many names for this particular brand of black-hat SEO; bridge, portal, or gateway pages, more commonly known as doorway pages, are typically created to rank for specific keywords to drive more traffic to the primary website. Doorways […]
    Jack Hamilton
  • The Perfect Reconsideration Request
    Acquisition of a penalty can be a daunting task to address. You have been told by your SEO that the work they have done up to this point abides by the Google Quality Guidelines, and now that trust is broken. More than likely you have severed ties with your SEO company / employee, and now […]
    Jack Hamilton

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