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  • Link Neighborhoods – White Picket Fence
    Link development can be a risky endeavor for many websites, as there have been a slew of updates from Google and other search engines to prevent “gaming of the system” through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In years past, webmasters would get links anywhere and everywhere, from comment sections, forum profiles and low quality blogs to directories, […]
    Jack Hamilton
  • Penguin Preparedness Guide
    Penguin, the one word that has struck fear into any SEO’s heart. Since the first iteration of Google’s Penguin algorithm in April 2012, the landscape of Search Engine Optimization has changed for all verticals. Gone are the days of comment spam, article marketing, and directory networks, and here to stay are more natural ways of earning back-links […]
    Jack Hamilton
  • Page Load Speed Pitfalls
    Page load speeds are encountered with each new page that is accessed, regardless of the focal point of a particular search. There are individual elements to each web page that will be individually called, and loaded each time the next page is visited. The speed of a website depends on more than local internet speeds, […]
    John GIbbings

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