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  • The Biggest Mistake You Are Making when Building Links
    It happened again today. After helping a client build an amazingly effective natural, content-based link building strategy, links started pouring in and the complaints began. “The Page Authority isn’t high enough. The Domain Authority isn’t high enough.” Every time I hear this, I am reminded of a great presentation I saw from Wil Reynolds at Seer […]
    Russ Jones
  • Google’s Amazing Domain Diversity Metrics
    I have always been intrigued by the organic search ecosystem. You can think of it like a marketplace where different sites come to life, grow, thrive, or die depending upon their performance. Like the natural ecosystem governed by physical laws, or the marketplace governed by financial law, Google’s search results are governed by the algorithm. […]
    Russ Jones
  • The Problem with Winner and Loser Analyses
    It is inevitable that with the release of any major update from Google we will see the quintessential “winner vs loser” list and some speculation as to why certain sites topped the list and others faltered. While the approach is itself not flawed, the methodology employed by nearly every winner-loser list out there is. Let […]
    Russ Jones

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