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  • Announcing Organic Traffic Volatility on SEOAlarms
    Search rankings volatility has become a staple of search metrics. Leaders in the space including MozCast, SERPs Volatility Index, Algoroo, and SERPMetrics Flux all measure flux slightly differently but ultimately look at movement in the search results. SEOAlarms takes a slightly different approach as well. We aren’t as interested so much is search result fluctuations […]
    Russ Jones
  • Drowning in Data: Getting More Signal, Less Noise
    There are so many metrics from so many different vendors in SEO these days. As much as we hate Google pulling referral keyword data from our analytics tools, we are in a golden era of SEO data. We have a half dozen or so link data sources, a trove of rankings data providers, keyword data, […]
    Russ Jones
  • Stop Comment Spam
    Over the past several years I’ve been involved in the Internet marketing community, one thing has really gotten under my skin: comment spam. Almost every back-link analysis I’ve performed has comment links in one form or another. Many of these links can be quite old, as  comment sections keep track of the day / time the comment was posted. […]
    Jack Hamilton

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