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  • The Great Support Debate
    Hello, anyone there??? We text rather than talk, meet our future Mr. or Mrs. online and the most efficient way to keep up on our family/friends whereabouts is through a news-feed. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily.  However, society has now decided that we can be more efficient having interactions behind a screen or […]
  • Did you Receive a Reconsideration Request Feedback Form from Google?
    Reconsideration Request Survey from Google Search Quality Team We had a penalty lifted two weeks ago and received a message from Google requesting the Site Owner to answer 6 questions to “help Google improve how [they] handle reconsideration requests”. Here’s a screenshot from our Gmail account with the message: Interestingly enough, the Google Search Quality […]
  • What’s In a Name – Angular.Marketing
    So, I think I threw a few of you for a loop earlier today with this tweet saying that today was my last day at Virante. Technically, this is true, but not because I am leaving my beloved coworkers and business, but rather because Virante as we know it is no more. I am excited […]

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