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  • Not-so-Creepy Crawler: Screaming Frog vs. IIS SEO Toolkit
    When it comes to web crawlers there are 3 main solutions when you get right down to it: Xenu; Screaming Frog; and IIS SEO Toolkit. For our purposes here today, I will assume that you agree with me (and not this Moz article comparing Xenu and ScreamingFrog) that Xenu just doesn’t make the grade in comparison to […]
    Rick Ferguson
  • Guide for PubCon 2015 in Las Vegas
    PubCon is less than a week away as many of the industry’s brightest minds are preparing to travel to the Las Vegas Convention Center to meet, mingle, and learn from several worthwhile keynote speakers and sessions to attend. If you plan on attending PubCon, you will need to attend many of these speeches and sessions if you […]
    Jack Hamilton
  • PageRank’s Slow, Inevitable Demise
    At one point in time, PageRank was the end-all when it came to determining a website’s validity, health, and overall value in a back-link profile. Every SEO from here to Antarctica boasted the ability to get links on “HIGH PR DOMAINS”. Unfortunately for that sales pitch, PageRank has taken a backseat in Google’s list of […]
    Jack Hamilton

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