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  • Back-Link Analysis Beginner’s Guide
    Since Google released their Penguin and Panda algorithms a few years ago, there has been a significant increase in the necessity of back-link analyses to clean up work that was once “gray hat SEO”. If you or the company you employ use any of the tactics listed here, stop immediately. You may be helping your […]
  • The Great Support Debate
    Hello, anyone there??? We text rather than talk, meet our future Mr. or Mrs. online and the most efficient way to keep up on our family/friends whereabouts is through a news-feed. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily.  However, society has now decided that we can be more efficient having interactions behind a screen or […]
  • What’s In a Name – Angular.Marketing
    So, I think I threw a few of you for a loop earlier today with this tweet saying that today was my last day at Virante. Technically, this is true, but not because I am leaving my beloved coworkers and business, but rather because Virante as we know it is no more. I am excited […]

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