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  • Dead Sites Walking: Who Stands to Lose the Most in Mobilegeddon
    It is rare that we get the chance to know of a Google Update in advance. It is even rarer that we are given the exact date. And it is even rarer than that when we are given the exact metric which will influence the algorithmic update, much less that the algorithm works on a […]
    Russ Jones
  • 6 Ways To Market with Vine
    “6 seconds? What can you market in 6 seconds?” Those are usually the first two questions I receive after telling a client to use Vine for promotional purposes. Just to clarify, there a ton of tasks you can accomplish in 6 seconds. However, this article is not about learning how to tie a Double-Windsor knot […]
    Michael Fine
  • LinkedIn Groups Versus Company Pages
    I have been receiving one question quite often lately:  What is the difference between a LinkedIn Company Page and a LinkedIn Group? Both of these options serve a great purpose for your company but accomplish different things.  According to a HubSpot study of over 5,000 companies, it was found that “traffic from LinkedIn generated the […]
    Michael Fine

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