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Ubersuggest on Steroids

One of the exciting things about having access to good APIs is the ability to put data where you need it, rather than having to log into yet another service and mashing up the data in Excel. A popular research tool I use is UberSuggest which scrapes Google autocomplete and gives you keyword ideas for the phrase you are researching. But I found it lacking some important information.

For example, just because the keyword in UberSuggest was suggested doesn’t mean it has a meaningful amount of search volume, or is a valuable keyword in terms of commercial intent. So I created UberGrep, a Chrome Extension which mashes up UberSuggest with the keyword suggestion API from GrepWords.


UberGrep is a Chrome extension that adds keyword information to the results. It also adds a CSV Download button to UberSuggest’s export so that you can not only see the data when exploring but take it with you once you have found the phrases you want to target. You will need to get a API key for GrepWords but they have a 2 week free trial so you can try out the extension before you commit to anything.

UberGrep adding data to UberSuggest

The UberGrep Chrome Extension adding data to UberSuggest’s results

As soon as you do a search in UberSuggest the data starts to flow in and it even loads when you expand the keyphrase for more longtail suggestions. Clicking the little green icons let you keep a running list of words you like and makes the export simple with a CSV download (originally you had to copy and paste the plain list of keywords). Get UberGrep Now!

The next tool I created was to add data directly to the search results page and make some estimates about expected traffic.


Now the one that I think is much more impressive and really cool because it demonstrates why organic SEO is so valuable is SerpGrep. It helps you get an idea of the value of ranking for a particular keyword and by putting in estimations of the different CTR for each position the tool is able to not only estimate the volume of traffic the 1st position will receive but also the value of that traffic had it been purchased through Adwords.

Here are some examples:

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.22.16 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.21.21 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.22.43 AM

By clicking the little icon below the search bar you can see the keyword’s competition as well as its monthly and local search volume and then for each of the results estimates are made for the value of the traffic. Here’s the one for “mesothelioma,” one of the most competitive terms on the internet

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.21.30 AM

The first position getting 20% of the clicks (which is a low estimate of the CTR) is getting traffic that would cost ~$1,236,609/month. Thats an enormous amount of money. Now you can see why organic SEO is so important… traffic is valuable and getting the first position for one of these “money” terms can be quite lucrative. What you can do to use this while your doing your keyword research is see what type of competition you’re going to be up against as well as what kind of traffic you would expect to gain by ranking for the term. Get SerpGrep Now!

Good keyword data is very important when you’re developing your targeted keywords list and can help you find not only the high volume expensive terms but the long tail, easy-to-break-into SERPs that will be significantly easier to build your ranking for. Take a look and let me know what you think!

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  1. What a brilliant tool. Now I can explore my kw space without having to load up Market Samurai to get basic metrics. I’ll still want to check the on-page factors for each term to confirm it’s worth targeting based on competition factors. But this is a more efficient way to go about finding possibilities. Lets me gather potential terms while simply being in my browser.

    Thanks guys!



  2. Great post with some awesome tools, We do a lot of ppc marketing in the Chicago area as a remodeling company so these tools will be very useful


  3. Both of these tools look awesome and would make a great addition to any keyword research toolset!


  4. Love this idea! Can’t get it to work though? I have my GrepWords API copied into the extension options and the extension is enabled but I see no activity on Ubersuggest? Bet I’m doing something wrong that’s really obvious, sorry! SerpGrep is super cool though, I’m going to use this all time so thank-you!


  5. Same problem. Was this ever solved? I’m getting no volume in Ubersuggest. Also, though there is an option to download the CSV with search volume data, the columns are blank.


  6. Great addition to the great and free Ubersuggest. Thanks a lot Carter, I don’t see the CPC SerpGrep in action though, is there any bug or incompatibility with recent Adwords update?


  7. Great tool, just found it again today, just in time too :)



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